Fassett FamilyFassett Hay & Cattle is a family farm operation that strives to produce quality in all we do. We have a club calf operation located in Durango, Colorado which is in the southwest corner of the state. We have been in the club calf business since 1999. Our goal is to produce cattle that will make you successful in your showing endeavors. We live and breathe agriculture and are teaching our children its importance. We believe in strong customer support, our success is dependent on your success. We are proud that our cattle have been successful at all levels, from local to national.

The cow herds run like any top notch commercial outfit. We do not pamper the cows and do not live in a place where you can afford to have a bin full of corn in the yard. We strive to produce cattle that still work in the real world. There is a strong Angus, Simmental, and old school Maine base in the cows. We have tried to make sensible breeding decisions with that in mind, these cattle typically feed well. Thank you for your interest in our cattle and our operations. If you have questions or just like to talk cattle and kids, feel free to call.

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